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OrangoTV – online streaming platform.

Online streaming service on multiple platforms, with the OrangoTV solutions you will have 2 accesses to an online platform of live TV streaming.

Your own “my account” platform to upgrade/downgrade subscription, change payment type, pause/cancel and change password and account settings.

Supported in computers, tablets and smartphones (some browsers may have limitations, but most popular browsers e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari is fully supported).

Using cables or wireless connections to TV´s in your house you have a fantastic option to watch your favourite TV shows on the move or in your home, on wireless or cabled Internet connections or on 3G/4G (remember you Internet provider can have limitations/charge for consumption please refer to your Internet provider if limits or extra cost is applied on your consumption of Internet).

Service from OrangoTV will require a 1-2Mbit Internet connection to playback the service, the required speed is not a fast connection, but a stabile connection.

- We have made a quick guide for ChromeCast or AppleTV usage here

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q. How many subscription types exist at www.orangotv.com ? A. There exist BASIS and a Premium version, you can swap from BASIC to Premium in your ”my account” section, the change will be activated at next billing period. Q. What is the difference between Basis and Premium subscription? A. On the Premium platforms more channels are added and High Quality channels are added to the service. Future features are launched first for the Premium version. Q. How do I get a subscription with OrangoTV ? A. Please use the following links to activate your subscription:
- Basis
- Premium
Q. What kind of platforms support www.orangotv.com A. At the moment the platforms supported and tested are: Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Internet explorer and other browsers IOS on Iphone4 and higher and Ipad2 and higher Android devices/tablets. Please test different browsers to find the one working best on your device. (Chrome is advised as an Android device). Q. How do I cancel the subscription on OrangoTV ? A. Please log into your account and go to “my account” and select cancel subscription. Q. How do I log into OrangoTV ? q. Windows/Mac: 1. Open your browser, go to: www.orangoTV.com 2. Click on sign-in q. Android and Iphone (and tablets) 1. open your browser, go to: www.orangoTV.com 2. Click on the sign-in Q. How do I log out of OrangoTV ? A. You can always leave the account active by closing the browser, and the computer/tablet or smartphone will remember your login. (Some devices have a “private setting” or a setting that clear your account data, and for this you would need to sign-in again) The service has 2 accounts (login´s), and if a number 3 login is made, your first login will be logged out from the service. If you need to logout select “my account” and select “log out” from the menu bar (on a small Smartphone or IPhone this menu bar requires you enter the menu and select “my account” and open the menu bar again to locate the “log out” option. Q. My browser will not play TV? A. Please make sure the Java in your device is updated (http://www.java.com/en/download/), please if possible try with another browser. Q. My account won´t accept my password? A. If you enter an other password or mail for your account you will automatic be asked to resend a new password to your email, this will be sent to the mail you enter and your old password is no longer be valid. (remember to look in your SPAM folder for any lost password, if this doesn´t appear in your mail) Reset your Password here Q. My signal is pausing or pixilation and start of a channel take long time ? A. The usage of the streaming service requires a stabile signal to servers with have the requested signal, we recommend a 2Mbit connection, in most cases this is enough to run a problem free service, in few cases the quality of the Internet provided have errors (called package loss) this will not inflict on many other services, but as streaming service requires a continual stabile connection, if you have any problems we recommend you test the service with an other connection or internet provider. Q. My device does not play the stream I only get a black screen. A. Apple and some browsers will not allow a “auto play from a link” in this browsers you will need to play the video stream by clicking on the video “play bottom” located in the middle of the screen. On apple computers the flash player can wait in pause screen to save battery and/or Internet, if you move your mouse over the picture a option to start playback and exit the pause setting will appear. Q. What is the usage on the service from OrangoTV ? A. The normal channels run under 1Mbit and the HQ channels use 1.5Mbit, but we recommend a 2Mbit connection. The usage for a normal channel is 0,5GB per hour. Q. How can I connect my TV to OrangoTV ? A.Some SmartTV have already a browser feature to use, or you can connect your device by a cable or by a wifidevice like ChromeCast or AppleTV - OrangoTV is working on in 2016 to provide specific platforms with app to make this easy for different platforms.
We have made a quick guide for ChromeCast or AppleTV usage here
Q. Is OrangoTV legal v? A.Yes OrangoTV is paying for a transmission licence for each user. OrangoTV users are limited to use this streaming service in private homes.
In some countries a regional TV licence for private homes is to be paid to local governments.
Certain countries maintain a censorship on specific material, and therefore usages in public areas of contend that can be found offensive should be avoided. Areas like Middle East, Asia and US have some limitations on what content are allowed to be watched in public areas like: restaurants and public transportation and other areas where content that can be found offensive to other persons.
In some countries a local copyright to specific events can be limited and will if requested be removed under the duration of this unique events.
Q. Specifications to hardware ? A.All relevant versions of computers sold in stores will be valid for using with OrangoTV, the system have no really hardware limitations, but the version of browser and ios and AndroidOS is needed to support streaming service. Q. Can I have a trial service? A.OrangoTV offers a 3 day trial period Click here Q. Where can I use my OrangoTV subscription ? A.The service is available to users of TV in all parts of the world. If a local country in some point of time will limit the usage due to censorship we will advice this to clients and list the countries limit this service. Only few countries is in danger to limit the usage of OrangoTV due to dictatorship, this is not a scenario OrangoTV see as a limitation.
In short: OrangoTV will be possible to use in all parts of the world with a working Internet connection.
Q. Errors not described here, where can I find help ? A.The website have a live support section in the lower right corner or and option to mail support@orangoTV.com Q. Can I claim a refund from OrangoTV ? A.OrangoTV is based on a trial membership with a following running subscription, all future payments can be stopped online, but already consumed service cannot be refunded, this is a pay-as-you-go service where you always are in control of the payments. Specified in the T&C if you enter direct into a full subscription relationship with OrangoTV Limited, there is a 7 day full refund from the time you make a payment. read more here Q. How quick will the payment be shown on my bank statement and what indentificator is on the bank statement ? A.On your bank statement “OrangoTV Limited and/or our phone number 0046852503834” is listed, this is up to your bank how much information they will add to your statement, the payment is sent to MasterCard or Visa direct on transaction time, and in normal cases this will be “frozen” in your account same second but can take 1-3 days before your bank list the amount with our indentificator. Q. Can I find OrangoTV in Appstore or Playstore ? A.At the moment this is not updated, but this is among the updates in 2016. Q. EPG / Programguide how does this work ? A.When you see a channel beside the picture you will have a small program guide over the running and next programs on this channel same day.

- An upgraded version as the guide is beeing developed and a version to select programs direct from a 24h guide.

Q. Favorite channels, how do I add my favourite channels ? A.When you first start to play a channel before you play this in full screen there is a small star in the opt left cornet, activationg this will add the program into your favourite listings. Q How do I find my favourite selected channels ? A.When channels are added into your favouritelist you vill be able to find this channels in the menu under “favorites”. Q. What is the picture quality from OrangoTV ? A.OrangoTV have 2 quality settings of channels Normal and High Quality, the resolution is made for a portable marked with high online streaming, but in the same time we reduce the Internet usage to provide the best of streaming TV. Q. What channels is provided by OrangoTV ? A.The listings from OrangoTV is based on usage by users and availability from providers. Some channel will change name or be replaced or some added to the service, this update is done some times over a month period. Basic listings from different zones and countries are kept frozen to the service, but additional special or seasonal channels are based on the access from the providers. Q. Payment failure ? Why is my card not working on the payment system on OrangoTV ? A.There are some normal errors on the card used, we relay the payment to the bank credit card company, and errors are not always reported to OrangoTV, this errors can be insufficient funds, daily limit reached (and OrangoTV have limited the same card to be used on the service more then 2 times in a 30 day period, to secure the payment for clients).

- Card providers require the payment details entered match the card holders information based on where the card is issued to, therefore the client details must be correct according to the information obtained at your bank.

- 3D secure is used for these transactions and therefore the requirement is that clients have and enter this information if requested by the payment gateway.

OrangoTV use a secure payment solution , to secure our clients credit card details and to avoid any form of payment failures and fraud.

1. Open Play Store, download & Install: MX Player
2. Open Play Store, download & Install: Matrix TV Browser
3. Open Matrix TV Browser & type in the Server prompt: www.orangotv.com
4. Login with your Orango TV username and password

1. On your iPhone or iPad, open the Apple App Store
2. Search for and install: MATRIX TV BROWSER
3. Open the newly installed App: MATRIX TV BROWSER
4. Type the following into the “Choose a website” box: www.orangotv.com
5. Login with your Orango TV username and password