All about OrangoTV

With OrangoTV, it’s easy to watch your favourite TV programme, whether it’s sport, news, entertainment, series or children’s channels. Simply login on a PC, MAC, iPhone, iPad or Android, and you can stream live TV - anywhere.

With over 2000 new users every day, and more than a million online users, we have what TV users want. At present, we offer more than 300 channels, and new is added every month.

We offer a easy access, full support, pause and start and easy control of billing via secure payment online.

New features added along the ride with us - always high level of TV an massive choices, even if price is low.

We are a premium stream provider to deliver mayor service to clients either at home or traveling, a normal connection to wifi, 3G or 4G is all requirement, clients will be able to watch this on the go or in homes, connecting to TV via AppleTV or Chromecast or similar connection points for a better experience.

The OrangoTV solution is a easy way to have a flexible stream/TV solution.

Soon to provide many additional services as catchup, playfrom start, live pause and navigatio.